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About Grateful Bags

About Grateful Bags

Ageless, timeless, and charming, Grateful Bags will certainly give you something to be grateful for.

Mixing a love of personalization with classic, yet versatile accessories has made Grateful Bags both beautiful and truly unique.

Jenny Ross, the designer behind these gorgeous accessories, firmly believes in starting each day with gratitude, giving back, and chasing your dreams.

Whether it's reminding her 2 sons to have nice manners, or sketching a handbag, Ross's Southern roots are embedded deeply into all she does. She grew up a Texan and now resides in North Carolina.

About Grateful Bags

Grateful Bags gives you the chance to exude your personal style, your impeccable fashion sense, and best of all, to be grateful.

This genuine, traditional Southern charm is poured into each bag, and the result is a wonderful personalized everyday bag. By having the ability to choose your own fonts, colors, and initials on interchangeable, acrylic monogrammed plates, the patented design of these bags will instantly transform your look while still reflecting your individuality.

The verse Luke 12:48 is at the heart of Grateful's foundation and mission.

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